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Water Lobbying

Water is a vital natural resource, and the debate over numerous policy concerns related to water quality and quantity is intensifying.

DCLRS helps our clients understand the impacts that legislative and regulatory standards under the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act have on their business.

DCLRS has experience working on issues surrounding water conservation and agricultural irrigation, both domestically and internationally. We are also engaged in the debate over Clean Water Act permits, non-point source pollution and the regulation of nutrients in water.

DCLRS is well situated to address these issues with many contacts in both Congress and regulatory agencies.

As a strategic advisor, DCLRS has helped to maximize our effectiveness in Washington, DC. The DCLRS team of professionals has allowed our association to engage at the highest levels of government to positively impact the debate around the issues impacting the lawncare and landscape industry.

Sabeena Hickman

Chief Executive Officer

National Association of Landscape Professionals