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Pesticide & Fertilizer Lobbying

Manufacturers and users of pesticides and fertilizers face legislative and regulatory challenges. With legislation constantly being introduced to eliminate the use of these products, we are often working to inform new members of Congress and their staff of all the benefits these products provide to both the environment and public health.

Knowing the regulatory framework of the Federal Insecticide Fungicide Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) allows DCLRS to inform our clients of changes that will impact their business and to positively change the debate around product use.

DCLRS represents many pesticide and fertilizer manufacturers, formulators, distributors, and applicators from agriculture to lawn care and consumer products. We have experience in addressing legislative and regulatory issues that face the industry such as labeling concerns, permitting issues, and use restrictions.

DCLRS is well positioned to address these issues with many contacts in both Congress and regulatory agencies.