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D.C. Lobbying and Government Relations Services

DCLRS offers strategic advice and counsel that allows our clients to modify or prevent government policies that could negatively impact their business while promoting alternative solutions that are sound public policy.

DCLRS has a staff of experts in the legislative and regulatory arena who are fully engaged in the political process. Since virtually every decision in Washington, D.C. is political, this engagement and understanding allows us to work with our clients to effectively create solutions that help solve their problems.

We understand the integration between regulatory, legislative, and political processes in a way that helps clients navigate their way through DC.

Our team

  • Understands how legislation and regulations are created and the underlying reasoning for those policies.
  • Knows how best to influence the process and prepare your company or association to engage.

Our services are designed to create an effective long-term strategy for success by accurately analyzing the situation, developing written and oral arguments to bolster your case, designing key messages that will make a deep impact, and tying it all together in a plan that will create success.

Our team is results oriented and will be involved with you on a daily basis.