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Energy & Climate Lobbying

The state of the energy market influences all energy users, from personal homes to public buildings, manufacturers to agricultural producers, and the entire transportation sector. The future will belong to those who channel the power of technological innovation and the market system, while sustaining economic growth and urging global participation, to produce reliable, clean and abundant forms of energy.

The energy industry has seen massive growth in recent years. Investments in renewable energy sources such as algae, biomass, ethanol, geothermal, hydro-power, solar and wind have created a robust energy market to sustain continued growth in the energy industry. But with massive development and progression comes equivalent legislative and regulatory obstacles.

DCLRS – Expert energy and climate lobbyists

We work closely with energy policymakers in Congress and the Administration. We are immersed in the policy debate related to biofuels, energy efficiency and the oil and gas industry. We have worked on climate change legislation, attended the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen, Denmark, and we follow these issues closely in order to monitor continuing developments. We have assisted clients with grant proposals at the Department of Energy and USDA. We have also successfully advocated for various energy tax credits. As part of our commitment to excellence, we continue to broaden our knowledge base of energy policy and politics in Washington.

DCLRS handles matters for a wide range of clients in the energy industry, including:

  • major oil companies and refiners
  • biomass producers and manufacturers
  • energy efficient product manufacturers.

We are a specialized lobbying firm and a leader in public policy. We are well-known for our deep bipartisan roots in the national political arena and for our skill in influencing favorable outcomes.