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Our Approach

Founded in 1991, DCLRS is a government relations and consulting firm with expertise in several key issues. Our staff has a reputation for being knowledgeable and results-oriented and we are experts in the legislative and regulatory processes. DCLRS staff is actively engaged with Capitol Hill, federal agencies, associations and business group coalitions.

DCLRS has provided unparalleled strategic advice to our association for almost thirty years. Their deep expertise and extensive experience engaging on Capitol Hill and with regulatory agencies continues to help us support a positive business environment for our industry.

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We seek to build relationships for our clients with House and Senate offices through campaign work, fundraising and other networking opportunities. Our staff has worked on several presidential and congressional campaigns for Republicans and Democrats. We are also deeply connected to important congressional committees, influential members of Congress and their staffs, and senior decision makers in federal agencies. These connections, combined with our experience in the political process, give us the ability to help our clients solve legislative and regulatory problems.

Each member of our team brings a strong background to this small, diverse, and highly effective government relations firm. The most important value a government relations firm can bring to a client is its honesty, integrity, empathy and sound judgment. We strive to be an integral part of your team. Our clients have trusted us over many years and allowed us to become effective, long-term partners with their organizations. We have grown slowly, but surely, always keeping these core values in mind.

DCLRS has helped our clients succeed for over thirty years. We can help you succeed too.