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30 Years of D.C. Lobbying and Government Relations Success

We were founded in 1991 with three clients. These clients have helped DCLRS to grow into the company we are today. Our growth is a result of successfully guiding companies and associations through the legislative and regulatory process.

DCLRS can:

  • Integrate our team with yours
  • Analyze and articulate goals that legislators and regulators accept
  • Create effective strategies for success
Our strategy includes:

  • Writing white papers
  • Comments
  • Analysis
  • Drafting amendments and bill language

Every lobbying group, company, and association has access to a vast amount of information.

What is crucial to success is the ability to boil it down into a useful and usable product.

We listen carefully to what legislators and regulators tell us about the political climate on Capitol Hill and in the federal agencies. Frequent and candid communication is an invaluable tool that helps us understand what is really going on in the legislative and regulatory arena and how to achieve success. Daily, you’ll find us walking the halls of congress and visiting policy makers in order to build strong relationships and understand proposed legislation.

DCLRS can analyze regulations and legislation, interpret the impact on our clients, and help them understand how their specific business interests will be affected. Based on this analysis, we work with our clients to implement an effective advocacy plan.

Our team goes directly to legislators, regulators, advocacy and business groups, and professional staffs of DC to get answers. Anybody can read about DC and report back, but only a truly effective team can gather the information directly from decision makers and analyze it to understand any potential impacts. Trust with the legislators and regulators is invaluable to our clients’ success. Decision makers trust our team and they listen to our advice.

DCLRS does not seek to be all things to all clients but rather to be strategic advisors in our areas of expertise.